How do I know what kind of service I need?

So we get asked all the time about what kind of service style is best for different types of events. The best answer? It is dependent on lots of factors…the venue, guest count, level of formality, table size and shape and of course the budget. Today, let’s break down the difference between the styles we offer here at URC and some benefits to each.


Drop catering or “Party by the Pan” catering is when you order specific numbers and sizes of to-go pans of prepared food, that will be either dropped off (pick up is also available) and set up by our team. This is a fantastic option for holidays, corporate luncheons, birthday parties, even bridal and baby showers! The good thing to remember here is that this a “no service” option, which means all the set up, breakdown, serving and clean up are left to you. So we may not recommend this option for formal events such as weddings or events where you really want to focus on being the host…not the service staff.


This is a great option for just about any occasion! The open-ended ability to customize a menu and volume of food insures that your guests get just what they like, in the amount that satisfies them. In this case, specific selection counts are not necessary which saves you a TON of time and effort. So for instance, instead of having to work out exactly how many guests are having fish or steak etc., you simply provide to us the number of guests who will be in attendance. This is quite literally HOURS if not days off of your planning process! Providing buffet style with full staff support and service insures you will never run out of food and that all the clean up and details are taken care of for you!


Hands down, our absolute favorite style of service! Family style service is where platters of your pre-selected menu items are provided at each table for your guests to pass, share and enjoy. Much like buffet service, this allows for a great deal less formal menu processing and also creates an environment where guests are encouraged to interact with each other. At so many events, those attending often get seated with at least a few others they aren’t completely familiar with…sharing this type of meal is the ultimate ice breaker! Again, this is a full service option which takes all the stress and responsibility off your shoulders and places it squarely on ours.


No standard answer will be right for every client so we are always here to help you to find what is best for you and your specific event. Contact us today to start creating your next celebration!

Ariel Pagan