Big City Flavor - Small Town Heart

Ariel Pagan -  The  Ugly Rooster

The dream began for Ariel Pagan (owner) and his family, in the mid 1990’s when his first adventure as a restauranteur began in a small pizzeria.  Though he loved this property, Ariel knew that to see his larger dream come to fruition someday, he would need to further his education and so went forward to attend culinary school.

With a heart full of new tools and passion, Ariel became Pastry Chef at the flag ship property of a powerhouse catering company, working alongside the areas foremost talent, not only refining his skills, but breaking in to the world of full scale catering.  Continuing to build on this foundation, Ariel not only became Pastry Chef at yet another top shelf local catering house and restaurant, but went on to cut his teeth in the food distribution and wholesale fields as well.

Having worked hard to put his dreams into reach, in 2009 with his wife Maggie and children Cesare and Chris by his side, he opened The Ugly Rooster on North Main Street in Mechanicville, New York.  The warm and inviting café soon became an instant favorite of townies and travelers alike. Having outgrown the quaint building they began in, the family moved their location to its forever home at 312 North 3rd Avenue.

Ariel, with his family and team consistently striving to build and grow has gone on to now offer full scale catering as well, winning multiple awards and accolades from its fiercely loyal customers and industry legends.  It is their hope to be a staple in their community and area at large for years and years to come.