Our Story

When the owner of the Ugly Rooster Cafe, Ariel Pagan came to Mechanicville he was looking for a way to build his dream. Simply put, Ariel loves cooking and he loves his family. The typical hustle and bustle of the restaurant business makes these two things incompatible often times. Well, The Ugly Rooster Cafe is nestled in the heart of Mechanicville and is a culmination of these aspirations. Ariel and his kids, Chris and Cesare, are always around taking care to see all your dining needs are met.

Our Staff

Ariel Pagan, Chef, Owner

Ariel Pagan is the Owner of The Ugly Rooster Cafe and BAKED, his specialty cake business. He has been in the restaurant business his entire adult life. Originally owning a pizzeria in the mid 90's.
 After the Pizzeria Ariel worked at the Glen Sanders Mansion. There he performed the duties of Pastry Chef and broadened his education by attending culinary school. 
Following the Glen Sanders Mansion, Ariel worked at LongFellows in Saratoga, again as a Pastry Chef. 
Ariel is always up for a challenge and so he entered cooking competitions and worked on the wholesale side of food distribution. 
This broad and solid foundation in the restaurant industry, has shaped the business you see today.


Super Fresh Comfort Food

Have you ever tried a Fried Green Tomato BLT with Garlic Mayo? Or maybe you are looking for Vanilla & Nutmeg Batter Dipped French Toast. Don't feel like paying? Eat for free by taking the Colossal Pancake Challenge! No matter what you like we know that there is a meal with your name on it waiting for you!

We Are Open!

Monday - Friday • 6am - 3pm

Saturday • 7am - 3pm

Sunday • 7am - 3pm

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